Horry County's one-cent sales tax for roads ends April 30

One-cent sales tax ends April 30th

Since May 2007, an additional one cent on the dollar sales tax, called "Riding on a Penny", for road projects has been charged on purchases subject to sales taxes in Horry County.

Voters approved a referendum for the additional sales tax in November 2006. It added an additional penny on the dollar to all retail sales, accommodations, and prepared food and beverage.

People will no longer have to pay that tax on April 30th.

"I know it's only a one-percent sales tax difference, but I'll definitely take it. It's better than nothing," said Tricia Mosco.

Retailers will be receiving notification from the South Carolina Department of Revenue with the state sales and use tax rate for Horry County.

Some local business owners say this sales tax reduction can only help their business.

"Anytime a customer can save, it helps business," said Angie Johnson, co-owner of Curtains N' Things in Conway.

Ultimately, the sales tax for business like Curtains N' Things in Horry County will drop from 8 to 7 percent.

However, not all businesses in Horry County currently have an 8 percent sales tax. Some types of businesses have more, according to Horry County Spokesperson Lisa Bourcier.

"There's more than just sales tax that would affect whether your grocery bill, or even buying a computer at another store. There are other taxes on top of the state sales tax," Bourcier said.

A local education tax and hospitality tax will still be factored into the sales tax after the end of the month.

In the City of Myrtle Beach, the sales tax will drop from 9 to 8 percent. The sales tax is higher there, because of a local tourism tax.

Horry County says the one-cent sales tax collected during that seven-year period pays has raised $425 million for the following projects, which were approved by voters:

*67-miles of road resurfacing (under construction)

*100-miles of dirt road being paved (under construction)

*Construct grade separated interchange at the intersection of U.S. Hwy 17 Bypass and SC Hwy. 707 at the back gate of the Myrtle Beach Air Base (under construction)

*The widening of SC Highway 707 from Enterprise Road to the Horry County line including intersection improvements at SC Highway 544 (under construction)

*Construction of the Aynor Overpass (completed)

*The widening of Glenns Bay Road and grade separated interchange at US Highway 17 Bypass (construction to begin summer 2014)

*Pave 2 lanes of International Drive from Carolina Forest to SC Hwy. 90 (construction to begin late 2014/early 2015)

Questions about the One-Cent Capital Project Sales Tax or the reporting of sales and use tax should be directed to the South Carolina Department of Revenue at (803) 898-5000.