Horry County to elect council chair Tuesday

Polls opened at 7 a.m. Tuesday in Horry County as voters head to the polls to elect a new chairman of the Horry County Council.

Mark Lazarus will be the only name on the ballot. He won the Republican primary, and there is no Democratic challenger. You are able to write in a candidate.

Polls close Tuesday at 7 p.m. Registered voters are required to show a form of identification as part of South Carolina's new state voter identification law that went into effect January 1. Voters may choose from five acceptable forms of identification: South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles identification card, voter's registration card with picture, federal military identification with picture or a United States passport.

For Tuesday's election, there are two precinct changes.

*The Jackson Bluff precinct will be moved to Centenary Methodist Church at 1527 Highway 544 in Conway.

*The Ocean Drive precinct #2 will be moved to Lakeside Baptist Church at 615 11th Avenue North in North Myrtle Beach.