Horry County tax hike will improve fire department

Taxes are going up for about half of the people who live in Horry County

The increase amounts to an additional $24 in taxes for a $100,000 home.

Horry County Fire Rescue says they need the extra money to maintain services and Chief Fred Crosby says without it, they would have to cut jobs and close fire stations.

Crosby says in order just to maintain the service they provide, they need the tax increase.

Horry County spokeswoman Lisa Bourcier says without the additional tax money, there would have been layoffs and fire departments shut down, which would have meant high insurance rates.

"This millage increase will give our fire department the ability to replace old apparatus, very expensive apparatus, we'll be able to keep all the stations that we currently have open. We will also be able to not only maintain the personnel that we have but increase the personnel instead of having two men man a truck we'll have three men man a truck," Bourcier said.

Another reason many aren't complaining is because many who moved to Horry County from other parts of the county are used to paying much more.

Horry County taxpayers will see the increase on their bill that goes out in October.

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