Horry County solicitor trying to shut down several strip clubs

The 15th Circuit Solicitor is working to close at least five strip clubs in Horry County.

Solicitor Jimmy Richardson said the clubs are more than just strip clubs. He says the clubs are allowing lewd acts to take place.

"Lewdness generally comes up when you talk about strip joints or adult book stores or any of those type of things," said Richardson. "Lewdness means it tends to be more than just a strip club. It would be something more inappropriate than just nudity."

He says Horry County police and Myrtle Beach police have responded to these locations multiple times for disorderly conduct calls. Richardson says police have been working undercover and recording evidence of the alleged lewd acts.

Bottoms Up, the Bunny Ranch, Teezers, the Gold Club and Tiffany's Cabaret have all been served complaints.

Richardson says a judge will set a date, and before any of them are shut down, the owners will get to tell their side of the story.

An employee of Tiffany's Cabaret refused to comment about the complaint they received. She said their lawyer is handling the situation.

Mike Rose, the owner of the Gold Club, says he received the paperwork on Monday about the lawsuit.

"I'm shocked about it, and it's a witch hunt from the government," said Rose. "They are obviously after the (Horry) county clubs. Why would they assume it's happening just at these and not at others?"

Under the state law, a judge can close a business under a nuisance statute. There are three ways to close a business under that law.

Richardson says it could be for lewdness, a breach of peace, or for the continuous sale of drugs and narcotics. He says the common theme for these clubs seem to be lewdness.

"The statute only allows us to close a business down for a year," said Richardson. "If they close it, generally it stays closed, but there would be an appeal process or a secondary hearing."

The initial hearing for the complaints will take place within the next two months.

Richardson says there is one more club they are going to serve in the next couple of days.