Horry County School Board votes unanimously to delay budget cuts.

District officials voted to stall on how to cut $20 million dollars from their $51 million dollar budget for this year.

The Horry County School Board is considering changes that would essentially affect how every student learns in school. Possible adjustments include adding two more students in each high school class and one student in each middle school classroom. They are also looking at formulas that would eliminate 80 plus positions.

They also have considered raising a tax levy to businesses, a tax swap, or digging into a rainy day fund they could dig into that's worth about $17 million.

School officials blame the economy and an increase in costs for things like worker's comp, insurance, and utilities. They plan to meet in a special workshop to discuss cuts Monday at 5 p.m., and then vote on it at a special board meeting immediately following.

Typically, the school board passes a budget by December. Chief Finance and Human Resource officer Jeff Riddle is hoping the school board will pass plans for budget cuts by the end of February.