Horry County releases report evaluating mistakes and improvements after Windsor Green fire

Friday marks the five-month anniversary since the fire at Windsor Green in the Carolina Forest and Thursday, Horry County released a detailed report outlining their response, what they learned and how they could improve.

The after-action report explained that improvements needed to be made in how the scene was managed and in communication, among other issues.

"There was a lot of radio traffic and it bogged down the communication systems that we have," said Horry County spokewoman Lisa Bourcier.

Bourcier explained that overloaded radio traffic lead to diminished on-scene command.

The report also outlined the initial 911 call which was transferred to another jurisdiction which lead to a 3-minute delay in response time.

Around 194 people lost their homes in the fire, including Sandy Wallace.

"I looked around the corner of the building and I saw the yard on fire straight behind me," Wallace explained, "there was someone banging on the door telling me that better get out right now."

Like many others, Wallace was left with almost nothing but the clothes on her back, memories and possessions destroyed.

"I think if the fire trucks had gotten here quicker that maybe my place would have been saved," said Wallace, in response to the report.

Wallace added that she understands how mistakes were made but she just hopes the County really learns from them. "I guess we learn by trial and error so hopefully we've gone through that and things will be better."

Wallace now lived in a home on the other side of Conway.

Her condo at Windsor Green is almost rebuilt and is already on the market.

Bourcier explained that the report reflects a learning opportunity for all departments in the County, so this kind of thing never happens again.

The fire caused an estimated 11.6 million dollars in property damage.