Horry County Police say loud boom caused by military exercise

Around 8 p.m. NewsChannel 15 received several phone calls and messages on Facebook about a large boom that shook many houses. On Monday an Horry County police officer confirmed there were military exercises being conducted but Tuesday the officer said he could not confirm that it in fact was a military exercise.

We had reports of the noise from Johnsonville to Aynor, all the way to Mullins and Marion.

Marion County dispatchers say they received more than 100 calls in ten minutes, but they aren't sure what caused the noise or the direction it came from.

Dispatchers did confirm it's not a plane crash.

The U.S. Geological Survey is not reporting any earthquakes in the Carolinas.

Many viewers said they saw bright light and heard a large explosion, so loud it felt like an earthquake.

"I saw the lights they looked like helicopters," said Joe Johnson of Bridge Neck. "Then there was a loud roar."

We contacted Shaw Air Force Base, they told us they are not performing any exercises in the area, although there are other bases along the East Coast that can fly over our area.

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