Missing man's ID found near body outside Aynor

Horry County police are on scene on Horse Pen Bay Road where a body was found. (Ashley Gooden/WPDE)

A body was found outside of Aynor as crews searched for Randy Davis, who has been missing since January of 2016, according to Krystal Dotson, the Horry County police spokeswoman.

The body was found in a heavily wooded area off of Horse Pen Bay Road, Dotson said, and Deputy Horry County Coroner Darrius Fowler says the remains, found at around 3 p.m., are that of a male.

Kristy Davis, Randy Davis' sister, said she was told that his ID was found on that body.

"It was Randy. They didn't really say why or who told them the location to be here today. We've searched this area, they've searched this area. They were 20 meters maybe from him and still nothing and then today they find them," she said.

Horry County issued a news release Wednesday evening confirming that an ID belonging to Randy Davis was found in close proximity to the body.

Officials have not confirmed the identity of the body yet, but Kristy Davis says this update in the case brings her closure. But she said she's still very angry and has a lot of questions.

When asked about the ID, Randy Davis' mother said she couldn't talk about it. She said she was called and told that officials thought the man found might be her son, but more investigation was needed.

"My heart went to my feet, it was terrible. We've got the answer that we've been waiting on and it's really hard," she said.

She said the family had searched that area many times before, but hadn't seen anything. She said there is a path and a hunting club near where the body was found.

She said, if officials do confirm that the body belongs to Randy Davis, it may bring closure, if not relief, for the family.

"We're glad we get the closure, but we have the anger of what happened to him and we are going to find out what happened to him."

Officials said, "preliminary investigation leads us to the conclusion that the remains belong to Mr. Davis, forensic analysis is necessary to confirm the identity. We will not provide such confirmation until these results are received."

Fowler said the remains are heading to Charleston for further investigation and identification. More information is expected to be released Thursday night.

Davis was reported missing after he left his home on Marshland Road, which is off of Horse Pen Bay Road.

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