Horry County police arrest man for Indecent Exposure

A man has been arrested, after police responded to calls that he was exposing himself to kids in his neighborhood.

Horry County police were called on reports of Indecent Exposure at 5320 Aloe Street on Sunday.

They arrested James Maurice Maguire, 60, of Conway at his home.

A mother that called police told officers, four kids in a golf cart saw the man standing naked in his home in front of a glass door. They say he continued to look at the children while standing in the nude.

The mother said this has happened several times and Maguire had been given a verbal warning on a previous date.

Another neighbor complained about the same problem that reportedly happened six months prior. A man said that while he was looking for his dog that ran off, he walked past the front of the suspect's home. The man claims Maguire was standing nude at the front door, then opened the door while watching the neighbor.

A judge issued a warrant for Indecent Exposure.

Maguire was arrested at his home on Sunday and taken to the J. Reuben Long Detention Center where the warrant was served.