Horry County neighborhood floods, rainfall and beaver to blame

People who live on Haystack Way say flooding has been the sight to see in their neighborhood on Tuesday.

Haystack Way is one of many roads in Horry County that have become flooded from the recent heavy rainfall.

"A lot of kids riding their bikes through, a lot of people stopping by at the end of our road and to take a look and see how bad it was," said Chris Edwards.

According to neighbors, the flooding was bad. Neighbors measured the standing water and said the deepest part of it was close to 13 inches.

This made it a challenge for neighbors and people who wanted to use the road.

"We are in the deepest end of it, so we don't want to take any chances stalling or anything, but people have come by and gotten stuck at the end," said Danny Daly.

According to a member of the Homeowners Association, a beaver is to blame for this neighborhood's weather-induced headache.

"The outflow pipes, which are covered by a grate, the beavers get in, they cut down trees, and they like to build their nests right at the outflow. We do try to stay ahead of him, but unfortunately in this case, they were able to plug it up. We are making that presumption because of the neighbors who have seen the beavers in the area," said Homeowners Association board member Scott Kavana.

With more rain in the forecast for this week, residents are concerned things will only get worse.

"We got some rain coming it does like and hopefully it just doesn't come into the house. If it comes into the house then we are probably in trouble," Edwards said.

According to Kavana, the water levels will have to drop around five feet before something can be done about unclogging the outflow pipes.