Horry County may give a neighborhood a facelift

A clean up may be coming to the Racepath neighborhood off of Grissom Parkway and Highway 501.

Although that area is near Myrtle Beach, it is a pocket of county-owned property.

Currently, the Racepath neighborhood has several rundown and abandoned buildings, poor street lighting, and crime.

The county hopes to change that by helping them pave roads, add sidewalks, install better drainage systems, provide more police presence, and add a new community center.

These are all changes community activist Reverend William Gause hopes to see.

"I really believe that bushhogging some of the area, the abandoned mobile homes, whatever, that will improve the community," said Gause.

The plan still has to go through two committees before it goes for a vote at county council.

Gause says his community can be patient for such positive changes.

"We've been patient all these years, and I know we can be patient a little longer," said Gause.