Horry County man with violent past heading to prison for two life sentences

Abdul Al-Mutakabbir Furquan, courtesy of Horry County Police

It took an Horry County jury less than an hour to convict Abdul Furquan on Thursday of Burglary in the First Degree, Attempted Murder, and Possession of a Weapon by a Person Convicted of a Violent Crime.

According to the 15th Circuit Solicitors Office, the South Carolina Legislature has made certain criminal offenses "Most Serious Offenses" as defined by statute. What is commonly referred to as the "two strike law" allows the State to seek a sentence of life without parole for any person convicted of two "Most Serious Offenses."

In Furquan's case, he had already been convicted of the "Most Serious Offense" of Criminal Sexual Conduct with a Minor in the Second Degree. Therefore, upon Furquan's conviction, Judge Larry B. Hyman, Jr., sentenced Furquan to life without parole for both the burglary in the first degree and the attempted murder and sentenced Furquan to the maximum five years on the gun charge.

In addition to the CSC with a minor, Furquan has prior convictions for multiple burglaries, indecent exposure, shoplifting, giving false information to police officers, simple possession of marijuana, and multiple criminal domestic violence offenses. He is also a registered sex offender.

The conviction on Thursday came from an incident on October 16, 2011, where Furquan and his co-defendant, Jeremy Fleming, broke into an apartment at Ivystone Apartments in Myrtle Beach and shot the resident in the head with a .38 caliber revolver.

Fleming was convicted in May and sentenced to 40 years.