Horry County K9 officers get lifesaving tool

The president of the Grand Strand Humane Society, Elena Nicholas, presented seven first aid kits to the Horry County Police Department's K-9 team, Tuesday.

The kits contains everything from bandages and wraps to IV's and thermometers.

"Now we actually have the ability to provide first aid care in order to sustain them until we can get them medical care," said Horry County Police Chief Saundra Rhodes.

The officers were also trained on how to administer medical care to the dogs.

Lt. Brian Mahaffey, with Horry County Fire Rescue, says members of HCFR trained with veterinarians on how to treat the dogs and then passed that knowledge on to the officers who work with the dogs.

"How to start IV's, how to administer fluids, how to stop bleeding, even just assessing a dog is different than a human," Mahaffey said.

The kits cost just over $2,000 and will be worn by the dogs' handlers.