Horry County homeless return to banned camp, ignore police warning

Ten homeless people were arrested Tuesday afternoon for trespassing on private property, a wooded area between Mr. Joe White Ave. and Highway 501.

Although the location is within Myrtle Beach, it's technically in Horry County and under the jurisdiction of Horry County police.

The homeless camp has been on the property for years, by some accounts, but last week the property owner asked police to remove the people living there.

Real Estate agent Joe Garrell, owner of Litus properties, said the land owners live in England and are unhappy about the incidents that have happened on the property recently. In one case, a man woke up on fire and in another case, there was a stabbing.

Garrell said the owners made the decision with a heavy heart.

"We're trying to work with the county to have the people removed from the property," Garrell said. "The people who own this property hired someone to clear out the land to make it less conducive to squatters. But that hasn't worked to this point."

So, last Friday morning, Horry County police issued the group warnings and asked them to leave.

Bill Hicks, who had previously lived at the camp, told NewsChannel 15 Tuesday that he returned over the weekend because he had nowhere else to go. He left before police arrived Tuesday.

When police arrived to make the arrests, they did so in a part of the camp where we did not have a television camera. We asked police if they would be returning for the other people still on the property. Sgt. Kegler said he's not sure if more arrests will be made.

Several people from the community showed up to help the homeless gather their things and move out.

One man actually saw what was happening and rented a storage unit for some of the people to store their things until they find a new place to go.