Horry County gets state grant for surveillance cameras at boat landings

State grant funds have now been obtained by Horry County for the installation of surveillance cameras at six public boat landings, according to Horry County Public Information Officer Lisa Bourcier.

Horry County received the funds through Representatives Kevin Hardee, who represents District 105 and Heather Ammons-Crawford, who represents District 68.

The cameras will be installed at Chris Anderson Landing, Red Bluff Landing, Hwy. 22/17 Interchange Landing, Reeves Ferry Landing, Enterprise Landing and Peachtree Landing.

"Adding the cameras at the boat landings will help deter criminal activity and protect the property and lives of our citizens and visitors," stated Representative Kevin Hardee.

"We hope more funding will become available and allocated to additional boat landings in our county," said Representative Ammons-Crawford.

"The cameras will be monitored solely by the Horry County Police Department," Bourcier said, "to assist with investigations of potential criminal activity like auto theft and illegal dumping."

$57,000 was secured through the grant. More cameras will be added as more funds become available.

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