Horry County Fire Rescue welcomes special member

Horry County Fire Rescue named Trey Smith an honorary member Saturday. (Taggart Houck/WPDE).

Horry County Fire Rescue welcomed an honorary member Saturday, a 10-year-old boy.

Trey Smith thanked the EMTs who saved his life three years ago, surrounded by friends and family at the Fire Rescue's Socastee station.

It was a reunion his parents Heidi Street and Teddy Smith weren't sure they'd see.

It all started with a car ride, back in 2014. Trey's sister and her boyfriend picked him up to take him to camp. About a quarter mile from his house, Trey's mother, Heidi, said the vehicle was T-boned. It put Trey in a coma, and left him with a broken leg.

"In the coma, there he was, like a 3 percent chance of survival," she said.

His parents said he spent months between the hospital and physical therapy. Eventually, Trey powered through those odds.

It took a quick response from Horry County Fire Rescue EMTs, to get to that point. They determined Smith needed to be airlifted to the hospital at the scene of the accident.

After three years of physical therapy, he still has two years left. It was a lot of work for his parents.

"Teddy didn't work for like six months because he didn't leave Trey's side," said Street.

Now an honorary EMT, a gift from his heroes, he'll get the chance to live his dream.

"(It feels) special," said Trey. "'Cause they saved my life."

Lt. Brian Mahaffey was on scene that night. He played a big part in saving Trey's life.

He said it's refreshing to see Trey persevere. Now, the department's newest honoree wants Mahaffey's job.

"When his mom told us that he wanted to be a paramedic, I thought, 'you know? That's awesome.' That's really neat just that that came up. I don't know why he came up with it but..I hope he does," he said.

To top it off, the department called in the same helicopter used to save Trey's life. He got to take a seat inside, this time, under his own terms.

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