Horry County Fire Rescue volunteer base doubled since last year

The number of Horry County Fire Rescue volunteers has more than doubled since this time last year, according to Horry County Fire Rescue Chief Fred Crosby.

Crosby said there are now 373 volunteers in Horry County and 208 of those are fully trained firefighters. The rest, he explained, are dedicated to EMS service and office work.

A lot of the increase can be attributed to an easier application process, which Crosby said has changed since last year.

"The application process is very easy at this point and that's one of the things we did is streamline the process, made it very easy for people to come in and we also made it very easy for people to get involved so there weren't long wait times," he added.

The county is one that depends on their volunteer base, with only 16 of 39 stations having paid staff.

"It keeps the tax rate down because we don't have to hire more people to be firefighters and it makes us a better department."

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