Horry County Council does not vote on problematic laser pointers

Tuesday night, Horry County Council had on the agenda the first reading of an ordinance to restrict the use of green laser pointers.

Instead of voting on the ordinance, they referred it back to committee.

Horry County Councilman Marion Foxworth tells NewsChannel 15 that was done for a number of reasons.

He said council wants to check that their ordinance would be in compliance with municipalities within Horry County that have existing ordinances. Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach already restrict the sale to and use of the lasers by minors.

Foxworth also said council wants to see how far local governments can go and stay within state limitations.

He also said they have concerns about limiting the wattage of the lasers, since some gun sights have lasers on them, and they don't necessarily want the ordinance to affect those sights.

This summer, numerous problems were reported concerning the laser pointers, including several cases of the U.S. Coast Guard having to call off a rescue mission because one was pointed into a cockpit.