Horry County Council Chair will be open, so who's running?

Horry County Council Meeting

Horry County Council will be in need of a chairman soon since Council Chair, Tom Rice, has been elected to Congress.

Tom Rice has until December 31 to resign from office.

The primary for the special election will be set 11 Tuesdays after his resignation.

If there is a run-off, it will be 2 Tuesdays after the primary.

The special election for the seat will be 18 Tuesdays after his resignation.

So far, there have been three people who have formally announced they are running for council chair.

Liz Gilland, Mark Lazarus, and Al Allen.

Al Allen is currently the Vice Chair on Horry County Council.

Liz Gilland previously served as council chair.

Mark Lazarus is a previous council member.

However, a familiar name has been tossed out as a possibility. Former Coastal Carolina Football Coach, David Bennett.

When asked if he could confirm if he was running his answer was: "Well through your question and a phone call, you never know, but you have to take it one day at a time."

Until someone is elected as chairman, the vice chairman will lead the council.

Al Allen will be leading the council through the first meeting in January.

During the second meeting in January, a new vice chair will be announced and lead council until the new chairman is elected.