Horry County certifies Atlantic Beach election results

Protests have been filed in Tuesday's Atlantic Beach election, after the results were certified. The official results show Jake Evans was the winner of the mayor's race and Josephine Isom and Charlene Taylor were the winners of the two town council seats.

Horry County Spokeswoman Lisa Bourcier says the other mayoral candidates Retha Pierce and Windy Price have officially filed protests of the election. Nicole Kenion, who is the town's election chair, has also protested.

After not counting five absentee ballots, Horry County must recertify the election at 3 p.m. Friday. Bourcier said the absentee ballots will not change the outcome of the election, and the winners will remain the same. They will also hear the protests that have been filed.

Thursday morning, the Horry County Election Commission held a hearing to review contested ballots. There were 34 ballots contested; five by poll workers, one by an Atlantic Beach resident, and 28 by Patricia Bellamy with the Concerned Citizens of Atlantic Beach.

Of the 34 contested ballots, the Horry County Election Commission declared 30 valid and certified them. The remaining four were thrown out because of invalid identification used by the voters.

The official results Thursday from the Horry County Election Commission are as follows:


  • **Jake Evans 79

  • Retha Pierce 5

  • Windy Price 1

Town Council (2 seats)

  • **Josephine Isom 76

  • **Charlene Taylor 76

  • James Van Fleet 3

  • Monique Pointer 1

Horry County was ordered to run the election by Governor Nikki Haley. Haley stepped in and set the election date when the Atlantic Beach Election Commission failed to do so in a timely manner after throwing out the November 2011 results.