Horry County Bomb squad called to Murrells Inlet/ Garden City Fire Station 2

An unexploded device was dropped off at the Murrells Inlet/Garden City Fire Station 2 on Azalea Avenue Thursday evening and a portion of the road was shut down for a while.

According to the Horry County Fire Bomb Squad, someone found what appeared to be a military flare device on the beach and took it to the fire station.

According to an Horry County police report, someone brought a large metal object submerged in a bucket of water to the fire station. The device appeared to be a military ordinance or marking flare.

The person who dropped it off said when they removed it from the ocean it started smoking so they put it in a bucket of water. They said the object was found on the beach in Garden City.

The Explosive Ordinance Disposal team out of Charleston confirmed that the device was a sea marker or flare and disposed of the device.

According to Murrells Inlet/Garden City Fire, the flare is about two feet long.