Horry County ballot discrepancy changes outcomes of two races

On Wednesday, the day after the primary election in South Carolina, Horry County found a discrepancy with 525 paper absentee ballots.

In working with the South Carolina Election Commission, the county hand-entered those paper absentee ballot results.

That resulted in a change in the outcomes of two races, Horry County Council District 5 and SC House District 58.

Horry County Council District 5 runoff will now be between Tyler Servant and Reese Boyd. Tuesday night, it appeared Clif Smith finished second in the primary, but with the new results, Boyd was the second top vote-getter.

In SC House District 58, it appeared Tuesday night, that there would be a runoff between Jeff Johnson and Jeffrey Garland, but with the new results, Jeff Johnson received a simple majority to win the race outright.

The election results in the other races did have very slight changes, but it only affected the final outcomes of the two races.

The votes must be certified Thursday at 10am.

Horry County Spokeswoman Lisa Bourcier says they will go over exactly what happened at that time, and try and figure out why when they ran those absentee ballots through the machines, the totals came out inconsistently.