Horry County Animal Care Center overcrowded, asking for public's help

Earlier this year the Horry County Animal Care Center reached its biggest milestone since opening its doors in 2009.

For four months, from January until April, the center didn't have euthanize any adoptable animals.

But now as we enter what some call 'puppy and kitten season' that has changed.

"In the summertime our rates go sky rocketing upward so we work a little faster pace. We've got a lot more animals to work with and deal with. And we have tough choices to make," said Kelly Bonome, the operations manager for Horry County Animal Care Center.

In May close to 800 animals came through the doors. So far in June, they have seen more than 300.

Many of those pets will have to be put down because of overcrowding.

But the center is asking for the public to help save the lives of these pets.

"The shelter is a reflection of the community. When we have numbers that we can handle just like the community, we can get out there and get them saved and get them homes," said Bonome.

The animal care center works with many rescue organizations. Friends of Horry County Animal Care Center is one that is stepping up to the plate to help give these pets a second chance.

"We take responsibility for them. We medicate them, we get them spayed, we advertise them all over the place until we can get adopters for them," said Debbie Saxon the founder of Friends of Horry County Animal Care Center.

In the two years the organization has been up and running, it has saved 400 animals by placing adoptable pets with foster families whom the pets stay with until they find permanent homes.

"I know the ones we've gotten from Horry County Animal Care Center, all of our fosters have been wonderful dogs. They've gone to wonderful homes. And that makes it all worth doing," said Nora Battle who has fostered three dogs through Friends of Horry County.

The Horry County Animal Control Center is giving the community a chance to meet their animals on Saturday.

Its hosting its first open house at 1923 Industrial Park Road in Conway from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.

There will be veterinarians and behavioral specialists onsite, along with free lunch.