Horry County Administrator's response to HCPD wrongdoing allegations

"There is no basis in a single one of the allegations recently made," Horry County Administrator John Weaver said in a report.

An unsigned letter that was sent to every member of the Horry County Legislative Delegation and Horry County Council accuses some members of the Horry County Police Department of unprofessional and personal misconduct.

The letter, also publicly released, lists nine allegations of wrongdoing:

  • Allegation 1-Accuses an officer of a hostile work environment.
  • Allegation 2&3-Accuses an officer of being a Peeping Tom in 2000.
  • Allegation 4-Accuses two officers of taking a trip to Florida in a HCPD vehicle.
  • Allegation 5-Accuses an officer of being intoxicated on duty.
  • Allegation 6-Alleges "monies and drugs often disappear from the evidence room."
  • Allegation 7-Accuses three officers of driving cars bought with drug money.
  • Allegation 8-Accuses two officers of taking ammunition for personal use.
  • Allegation 9- Accuses an officer of domestic violence.

In front of the council, Weaver went item by item with evidence collected since the letter was received in August that refuted the claims made in the letter.

The only allegation not refuted was allegation number 6.

"This is an unsubstantiated allegation by an unnamed person is far too broad to investigate. Moreover, such a claim is beyond the expertise of a Human Resources investigation. It is noted that the HCPD has a highly restricted, manned evidence room with all materials contained therein being fully documented for purposes of, not only protection by the Solicitor, but also for the protection of the entire department's staff when and if claims such as this are made," Weaver's report says.

State police do have jurisdiction to investigate the evidence claim and while State Representative Nelson Hardwick has asked SLED to investigate, they have not yet done so.

"T he request is still under review," said SLED spokesperson Kathryn Richardson Wednesday.

Horry County council members will discuss evidence procedures, custody and audits related to the evidence allegation at a Committee of the Whole meeting Tuesday, October 11th at 9:00 a.m.

They hope to determine if they will also request a SLED investigation.