Honor Flight for local veterans to take last flight in April

Around 20 veterans from World War II and the Korean War met at the Summit Place in Little River Wednesday for coffee and to talk about their memories of their Honor Flight.

Bill Kryzk, an organizer of Honor Flight of Myrtle Beach, says the flight scheduled for April 16th, 2014 will be the last trip for WWII veterans in our area.

"We just have this feeling that we're running out of time, that we're running out of veterans that we can find," Kryzk explained.

Organizers are working hard to get people to join the flight.

Claude Huggins, the 500th person to join the honor flight to Washington D.C. out of Myrtle Beach, called it one of the most amazing experiences of his life.

"I didn't have words to say. I just appreciated it so much. I didn't know what to say but so many folks came out and waved hugged my neck and just welcomed me back."

Veterans are also urging other veterans who haven't done the trip yet to sign up, like World War II veteran Elmer Erwin.

"Don't miss it. It's a once in a lifetime experience, it almost brings tears to my eyes now," Erwin said, "Yup, it's impressive."

If you know a veteran who hasn't taken the flight, click here for more information or call 843-957-8212.