Homeowners say roofer left behind a rainy mess

Patricia and Ronald Henegan, Azalee Palmer and Tyrone Abraham of Bennettsville say they cringe every time it rains.

They say a contractor's shoddy work caused major leaks in their homes, and they've filed complaints with the state.

Within the past three years, the homeowners have all hired Robert Stroman of Stroman and Associates in Hoffman, NC to install their roofs.

They all say their roofs started to leak soon after installation.

"It's been nearly two years, and the house leaked the very first rain after he put the new roof up there," said Ronald Henegan.

"We have mold, mildew , floors that need redoing, ruined walls, a warped door, skylight taken out and covered with board, and conveniently left by you a plastic in the jacuzzi and all his trash left right them with them," said Patricia Henegan.

Abraham says Stroman did come back to fix his roof, but replaced parts of it with a different metal panels. So now, he has a two-tone roof.

The Henegan's say an inspection revealed their ceiling beams are collapsing because of the bad roof.

"He did not fulfill his contract. We paid him in full, and he's given us a botched up job. We've had three contractors on the roof since he left, and they basically said to us your house had no choice but to leak with the construction you have up there. The way he designed your roof, the way he constructed it, it's going to leak. It's always going to leak," explained Ronald Henegan.

Azalee Palmer and Patricia Henegan say they're now having health problems because of the mold caused by their leaky roofs.

Palmer said, "I guess from the mold and mildew in the house, my speech haven't came back.

Henegan added, "There's mold everywhere all over the den. I have been to the doctor twice, got to go back again. I'm on an inhaler now."

The SC Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation is now investigating a complaint filed by Palmer.

Robert Stroman says he installed the roofs to the best of his ability and tried to fix any problems.

"I have gone back to Ms. Palmer's house and made the necessary adjustments. Have not been informed of any discrepancies as we speak. The Henegan's, I been there 25 or more times. I will still be going, if given the opportunity," said Stroman.

The homeowners accuse Stroman of avoiding them saying he hasn't returned their phone calls.

Stroman says that's because they haven't been civil in prior conversations.

"I'm not going to allow individuals to question my manhood. My credibility as a contractor and make innuendoes concerning me. I have standards also," explained Stroman.

The homeowners provided WPDE NewsChannel 15 with copies of receipts showing they've each paid Stroman more than $5,000 to install their roofs.

WPDE NewsChannel 15 found out Stroman has a specialty contractor's license which only allows him to do work under $5,000 in South Carolina and $30,000 in North Carolina.

He was cited in 2004 in North Carolina for violating those terms, according to the NC Licensing Board of General Contractors.

In October 2012, South Carolina cited him for failing to obtain a permit for construction. Documents show he was fined $500.

The Marlboro County Building Codes Department supplied WPDE NewsChannel 15 with paperwork that says Stroman performed jobs in the county greater than $5,000 just last year.

The department sent the information to the State Labor, Licencing and Regulation to be investigated, but hasn't heard back.

Stroman admits to making mistakes.

"I overstepped my boundaries, and that was ignorance on my part. Being from North Carolina, you can do $30,000, no questions asked. My license can verify that. Well, I stepped into another state. Young, dumb and blind. You know, who among us who have not made mistakes? I am guilty of that," Stroman told us.

Stroman says he is still willing to talk with the homeowners in effort to find a solution to the problems.

The homeowners say they want their money back, and some are even seeking legal advice.

The Marlboro County Building Codes Department says Stroman's South Carolina contractor license expired this past Sunday.

The department isn't sure if he's tried to renew the license.