Homeowner upset after being dropped by Allstate

Cindy Suggs looks over her Allstate paperwork

In July, Allstate announced that they would not be renewing homeowner's insurance policies for 10,000 customers in South Carolina. One week ago, a woman who lives in Green Sea got her letter saying she was being dropped after 17 years.

Cindy Suggs' notice from Allstate stated, "we're writing to you with what we know is unfortunate news about your property policy."

The unfortunate news she received was that when her homeowner's policy expires in March, it will not be renewed.

"Non-renewal, in my words, that's dropping," said Suggs.

Suggs admitted that she had been late on her policy a few times, but it had never been canceled. She also noted she had only made one claim in 17 years.

A policy owner was more likely to be dropped if you fit certain criteria. For example, if your home was under a certain dollar amount. In a letter from Allstate, Suggs was dropped for three reasons.

"I didn't figure they would drop me because my house wasn't worth 220,000 dollars or because I didn't have car insurance with them or because my house was over 10 years old," said Suggs.

And now Suggs has to face reality, she needs a new insurance company, but she's nervous she won't find one.

"This is a modular and some insurance companies won't write a police for it because they consider it part of a mobile home," said Suggs.

Tracy Owens, a spokesperson with Allstate said they did not renew many policies so they could remain financially strong for all it's customers.

Owens also said if you were dropped, you should contact your local Allstate agent for help.

Suggs said she did contact her agent in Socastee, he told her he would mail her quotes for other insurance agencies last week. She has yet to receive a letter.