Hollywood comes to Marion County

MarVista Entertainment is filming two movies in Marion and Mullins, according to Marion County Economic Development Commission Director Julie Norman.

Production crews were set up Tuesday at a historic home on Oakenwald Avenue near downtown Marion.

Norman said the movies are called "Wishing Outloud" and "Twelve Dog Days of Christmas".

She added "Wishing Outloud" features Julia Duffey, Calum Worthy, Detrick Bader and Lexi Giovagnoli.

According to Norman, "Twelve Dog Days of Christmas" stars Reginald Veljohnson and Graine McDermott.

Production crews have been in Marion County for the past two months.

Norman said they filmed a party scene for one of the movies at Mullins High School. Some of the students will appear in the movie as extras.

She added for the school's willingness to work with movie crews, the production company picked up the tab for Mullins High School prom decorations.

Norman said the movies are an economic boost for the county because production teams are staying in the county, shopping and eating at restaurants. She added dozens of people are coming to the area to meet the celebrities in the films.

It is not known how the movies will be distributed or when they'll come out.