Holiday travelers rush to make it home for Christmas

Thousands took to the skies to make it home for the holidays on Tuesday.

It seemed everywhere you turned at the Myrtle Beach International Airport, each person has their own personal story about what the holiday means to them.

"Well, it's really nice that we made it safe on the ground and when you see grandma that's like the payoff. It's really nice to just hug her because you haven't seen her in a month so it's definitely a big payoff," explained Dylan Frank, who arrived from Rochester, New York to be reunited with his grandmother.

For others like Luke Llamas and Katie Ragsdale, Christmas Eve was about two people in love reuniting just in time for the holidays.

"Being apart is always hard but the reunion of coming together again is always exciting and fun and it was great to get to see her on Christmas Eve. I was hopeful that I would make it and just glad to see her and be here together," Llamas said as he kissed Ragsdale's forehead.

Just steps away in the departure area on Tuesday afternoon, others watched the clock, anxiously waiting to get home to their loves ones, like Joseph Yacovelli, who was headed to Laguardia.

"Going to see my Mom and Dad, aunt and uncle over in LaGrange, New York," he explained.

Yacovelli added that he has a plan when walks through his Mom's front door.

"I'm just going to come in and I have a little niece and I'm just going to go Merry Christmas, Uncle Jojo's home, you know, run up to my Mom, give her a hug and kiss," Yacovelli said.