Holiday hires: Help may not be as wanted

'Tis the season for seasonal employees as Challenger, Gray, and Christmas, Inc., released its annual holiday hiring outlook Monday.

Around 700,000 are expected to be hired this season, according to the hiring outlook. In 2012, there were more than 780,000 retail hires, which made it a 12-year high.

A slump in consumer confidence may be partially to blame for this hiring drop.

On Friday, Target announced that it has plans to hire 20 percent fewer employees than last year.

However, this isn't the case for one Target store in Myrtle Beach off Highway 544.

Last July it had its grand opening. When the holidays came around, a surplus of staff was still working there since the store was relatively new, so seasonal help was not needed.

However, this year it is. Already people have already started to inquire about the jobs, according to Target representatives for that store.

"We are not sure about numbers at this point, but we are looking to probably be doing some interviews towards the middle of October. Early to mid-october and then probably looking to bring some team members on towards the end of October and early November," said Myrtle Beach Target representative Ashley Vanderweele.

The report also encourages those who are looking for a holiday job to start early for a better chance of getting one.