HOGS coming back to the beach

NMB City Council discusses HOG Rally

Another bike rally is coming to the Grand Strand this year.

The 2012 South Carolina State Harley Owners Group (HOG) Rally will be coming to North Myrtle Beach October 4th to 6th.

This came Monday night after city council approved the event permit. They also approved allowing up to 30 vendors in town for the event.

Organizers say this HOG rally is very different, and much more tame than the Atlantic Beach Bike Fest or Harley Bike Weeks that see tens of thousands of riders.

"We're probably going to get somewhere between 800-1000 participants. They have to be members of the Harley Owners Group, so it's not a wide open event," City spokesman Pat Dowling said. "It's limited to those members. They're well behaved. I think the average age ten years ago was 37, so now it's like around 45. So it's a good crowd. We appreciate them selecting our city."

The last time a HOG bike rally was held on the Grand Strand was more than ten years ago. In 2001 it was in Myrtle Beach. Since then, the group has been holding the HOG Rally around the state.

The majority of the functions will be held on private property, around the Ocean Drive Resort and Golf Club.

Dowling says the city will close public parking at the Horseshoe and street parking on Main Street during the HOG Rally.