Hells Angels president busted in Horry County

On 8/15/2014, we were notified that charges against 17 of the Hells Angels members had been dismissed. The 15th Circuit Solitior's Office says charges against 10 people are still pending. Click here for an updated story about the dismissed and pending Red Harvest charges.

List of those arrested Monday below.

The Horry County Police Department held a news conference Monday to announce the arrests of 15 people in connection with illegal activity by the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club.

According to Horry County Police Interim Chief Saundra Rhodes, the grand jury handed down 226 indictments on 34 people last Friday.

The sealed indictments were opened Monday morning, and 11 search warrants were served in Horry and Georgetown counties as part of what police called "Operation Red Harvest."

The charges against the 15 include trafficking marijuana, manufacturing marijuana, assault by mob, and unlawful use of a telephone. Those arrested include the president, secretary, and prospects of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, and one member of the club Red Devils.

One of those arrested is the president of the local Hells Angel chapter, Ellis Howard Schindler, said Rhodes.

Schindler is charged with manufacturing marijuana, criminal conspiracy, assault by mob, accessory to kidnapping, accessory to assault and battery first degree.

Police say additional arrests include: Thomas Allen Doucette Sr., Scott Richard Rowan, Jeffrey Carl Lozier, Melanie Ann Doucette, Patrick John Baker, Ashley Nicole Martin, Thomas Allen Doucette Jr., Jacob Pierce Austin, Jessica Diane Martin, Christina Elizabeth Baker, Lee Michael, Daniel John Baker, John Volosin, and Scott Hoy.

Rhodes believes Schindler was in charge of the whole operation.

Numerous police cars and a SWAT truck were spotted in areas around Surfside Beach throughout the day.

Police arrived at one location, Seagull Landing Court near Highway 707, just after noon. We spoke with Joe Sheehy, who lives on the street. He says about 15 police vehicles showed up around 8 a.m., and police arrested at least four people at a neighbor's home.

Police also seized boxes from a home on Deer Trace Circle, not far from Seagull Landing Court. They loaded the boxes into a U-Haul truck before leaving that home. Police also raided a home on Leonard Street off of Highway 707 and the Dunes Motorcycle Shop near Saint James High School.

Police announced the 15 arrests at a Monday afternoon press conference and said there are 19 arrests still to come. Monday night, officers were out serving warrants.

They said the investigation started when police were looking into a marijuana growing operation in 2010, but the scope of the investigation and the list of charges got much larger.

During the raids, police say some children were taken into protective custody by the Department of Social Services.

Bond hearings for those arrested will be held Tuesday morning.

There was also an unrelated arrest during the raids Tuesday. Diane Vitak was arrested and charged with possession of steroids.