Hells Angels in NC, SC arrested on drug charges

Nineteen people have been arrested in the Carolinas as part of a two-year investigation into gun and drug crimes.

U.S. Attorney Bill Nettles said Thursday the suspects are from North and South Carolina and are either members or associates of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang.

Nettles says agents served nearly two dozen search warrants on Thursday, recovering a wide variety of drugs and more than 100 firearms, including two automatic machine guns.

Prosecutors say the men and women sold drugs, laundered money and committed arson as members of the motorcycle gang. They're also accused of selling weapons they knew would be used in crimes.

The suspects face charges including racketeering, conspiracy, money laundering and drug violations. It wasn't immediately clear if they had attorneys or when they'd appear in court.

There are three separate documents with the mug shots of the suspects arrested, click here to see the first page, here to see the second and here to see the third.