Hells Angels crime bust suspects ask for bond

On 8/15/2014, we were notified that charges against 17 of the Hells Angels members had been dismissed. The 15th Circuit Solitior's Office says charges against 10 people are still pending. Click here for an updated story about the dismissed and pending Red Harvest charges.

Bond hearings were held Tuesday for dozens of people arrested Monday in what police are calling Operation Red Harvest. Police say many of them are a part of the motorcycle club Hells Angels.

Judge Steven John presided over the bond hearings Tuesday.

Asst. Solicitor Donna Elder read off the charges for Patrick John Baker, whose hearing was first Tuesday morning. The charges include manufacturing and trafficking marijuana.

Elder says Baker, along with many of those arrested in the operation, were part of a marijuana growing operation at the Doucette house on Freewoods Road from June 2010 to April 2012.

Elder says there is a series of mobile homes on the property. She says Thomas Doucette, Sr. and his wife live in a double-wide there. She says Patrick John Baker and Daniel Baker lived in a single-wide. An additional mobile home was being used as a grow house, according to Elder, where she says there were lights and equipment to grow the marijuana. There was an additional structure, similar to a loft, where Jessica Diane Martin was living , Elder says. She says Ashley Nicole Martin, who was also charged in the case, was also living on the property at the time.

It was there were the Doucettes, Bakers, Volosin, the Martins were growing, cultivating, and drying pot, according to Elder.

In addition, Elder says Doucette's Dune Cycles was a front for distribution, funded by the Hells Angels organization.

Doucette's attorney William B. Von Herrman says this an outlandish charge and his client wasn't even affiliated with any motorcycle club. He adds that Doucette was just trying to start his own motorcycle repair business.

The charges go beyond what police say was a marijuana growing operation. Carl Murdock, Joseph Russell Trombino, Jr., Scott Rowan, Bradley Joseph Trinceri, and John Richard Bain were charged with assault by mob. Elder says they assaulted an off-duty Myrtle Beach police officer.

Kevin Schmidt, Storm Anthony Michael Bain, John Volosin, Scott Rowan, and Steven Brinsfield are accused of kidnapping. They took multiple victims who weren't Hells Angels and forcibly had them tattoo over Hells Angels tattoos, according to Elder.

Kevin Schmidt turned himself in this morning.

Tuesday afternoon, Elder asked Judge John to deny bond for Jeffery Carl Lozier, the secretary of the local Hells Angels chapter, and Ellis Howard Schindler, the local chapter president, saying they were a danger to the community. Judge John did set bond for both men, but Schindler will have to surrender his passport, is barred from having firearms in his possession, is not allowed to talk to any of the other suspects in the case, and is not allowed to leave Horry County unless it's to visit his attorney in Georgetown County.

"We're taking into account risk of flight and impact on the community," Judge John said during the proceedings.

The court also is taking into consideration prior offenses.

Bonds so far set:

  • Patrick Allen Doucette

  • $100,000 jury bond

  • Melanie Allen Doucette

  • $150,000 surety bond

  • Thomas Allen Doucette Jr.

  • $50,000 surety bond

  • Christina Elizabeth Baker

  • $100,000 surety bond

  • Ashley Nicole Martin

  • $35,000 surety bond

  • Todd Edward Baker

  • $75,000 surety bond

  • Daniel Baker

  • $100,000 surety

  • Lee Michael

  • $45,000 surety

  • John Richard Bain

  • $25,000 surety bond

  • Storm Anthony Michael Bain

  • $40,000 surety bond

  • Jacob Austin

  • $75,000 surety bond

  • Jessica Diane Martin

  • $25,000 surety

  • Thomas Doucette, Sr.

  • $200,000 surety

  • John Volosin

  • $125,000 surety

  • Scott Rowan

  • $100,000 surety

  • Steven Brinsfield

  • $50,000 surety

  • Jenny Darlene Crowe

  • $5,000 surety

  • Bradley Joseph Trinceri

  • $50,000 surety bond

  • Joseph Russel Trombino Jr.

  • $50,000

  • Carl Murdock

  • $25,000

  • John Carlton Dyar

  • $50,000 surety

  • David Tennant Graham

  • $30,000 surety

  • Scott Hoy

  • $15,000 surety bond

  • Kevin Schmidt

  • $125, 000 surety bond

  • Jeffery Carl Lozier

  • $150,000 surety bond

  • Ellis Howard Schindler

  • $200,000 bond

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