Heather Elvis' coworker: "We still keep her name on the schedule."

As the community prays for closure in the Heather Elvis case, her boss talked with WPDE NewsChannel 15 Wednesday about charges filed against a couple accused of kidnapping and killing her.

"Heather worked for us for over a year, and we still keep her name on the schedule, you know, because until there's peace for everyone, the family, the community, our work family, we're keeping her name there," explained Beth Sansone, general manager at Tilted Kilt.

Sansone learned on Monday that Sidney and Tammy Moorer were charged with Heather's murder.

"We try to figure out a way to rationalize it and try to figure out what we can do to help, and it's tough when you feel helpless and you want to do something, and there's not much you can do," Sansone added.

She says Heather met one of her accused killers, Sidney Moorer, at Tilted Kilt. "She was happy, she had a crush or you know an affinity for him, and it was mutual, they both courted each other."

According to Sansone, Sidney was contracted by the restaurant to do maintenance work. "He came with wonderful references and just over the time of him being here, he worked probably five or six months for us doing different things at different times."

It's been more than two months since Heather's been missing and the search for her continues. Sansone said the staff feels her absence. "We're very proud to have Heather work for us, and it's not easy not having her here."

Tammy and Sidney Moorer are due back in court the week of March 17.