Heard an explosion near your home? Here's one possible reason

Over the last several days, Florence County Sheriff's Office deputies have received calls from concerned citizens with reports of explosions heard in the Effingham and Coward areas of Florence County, particularly during nighttime hours.

Investigators have learned that the sounds are the result of target shooters using reactive targets for long range target practice.

Deputies say these reactive targets are generally legal to possess and use, although they are designed to make a loud noise upon impact by a fast moving projectile.

They say the products are commonly and legally purchased at sporting goods stores, gun shops and over the internet.

While the possession and use of the product may be legal under most circumstances, the resulting sound may violate local ordinances, according to deputies.

In investigating recent complaints, users of these targets have been cautioned that respect for adjacent land owners, particularly during night time hours, should be observed to avoid law enforcement involvement.