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      Head of bible college in Marion arrested for forced labor

      A federal arrest warrant accuses Dr. Reginald Wayne Miller, head of Cathedral Bible College in Marion , of forced labor involving his students.

      Federal agents arrested Miller Wednesday night.

      The warrant says federal agents interviewed eight students who were in Marion on student visas.

      According to federal authorities, the students said Miller threatened expulsion and therefore termination of their legal presence in the United States for noncompliance with his demands.

      The students worked on campus , located on North Main Street in Marion, as part of their visas, and the warrant says they were paid below minimum wage.

      They endured work schedules that were outside the bounds of those permitted by federal regulations, according to the warrant.

      The warrant also says the students performed work under hostile conditions and duress and that they were not paid and lived in conditions that were substandard.

      It adds that the students endured long periods of no hot water, heat and air conditioning and food that was expired or insufficient for consumption and nutrition.

      Miller is scheduled for a detention hearing Friday morning at the federal courthouse in Florence.