Hartsville Regional Airport receives FAA grant

Hartsville Regional Airport was recently awarded a $197,705 grant for new projects by Federal Aviation Administration.

The grant, made possible through U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham's office, provides for the installation of an additional runway safety area beyond the end of the runway. This prepared area serves as a safeguard for planes still on the runway.

The grant also provides for an obstruction mitigation project, in which trees near the airport tall enough to interfere with flight operations could be removed. With the grant funds, the airport may purchase air rights for nearby land which would allow for tree removal.

The FAA's grant promotes the continued development and improvement of Hartsville's airport, according to Phil Gardner, Parks and Leisure Services Director for the City of Hartsville and the city representative for the airport's management.

"We work to create a safe environment for planes coming in and out of our airport. This new grant will serve as an important part of that effort," he said.

The Hartsville Regional Airport is located three miles northwest of the city, near Lakeview Boulevard.

With a runway length of 5,000 feet, the airport can accommodate many types of aircraft, from single-engine planes to jets and helicopters.

In August, the airport logged 95 arrivals, 101 departures and a total of 137 passengers.