Half a million dollars worth of cocaine seized in Darlington County

Cocaine seized in Darlington County drug bust.

DARLINGTON, S.C. (WPDE) - Saturday night Darlington County deputies pulled over a car on I-20 for a traffic violation. According to a news release, after a brief interview with the driver a drug dog indicated drugs were in the car.

After a search, deputies found cocaine in a hidden compartment behind the front seat of the car. Officials say the estimated value of the drugs is over $500,000.

"Eight kilos of cocaine is around 17 pounds and that's a lot of dope off the streets. This has been part of our overall strategy in tackling the drug trafficking through, and around Darlington County," explains Sheriff Wayne Byrd.

Deputies arrested Jorge Cota, 49, and Angela Bond, 38. They face drug trafficking charges. The two are from Texas.