Haley says conversation about ending Bikefest will continue

Gov. Nikki Haley discussing Bikfest on Friday, May 30 during a press conference about hurricane preparedness.

Governor Nikki Haley reacted on Tuesday to the statements made Monday night by Atlantic Beach Mayor Jake Evans where he said that the town plans to keep Bikefest.

"I will sit down with the Atlantic Beach leaders," Haley said. "I think there's more discussions to be had on this. I don't think he can just say its going to go forward because I don't think that's the case."

She said that is "an absolute lack of respect for the surrounding communities that have said no more."

Haley also said she doesn't see "where this Bikefest is of any use to anyone. There is no revenue that is worthy of the deaths that we had in this state. There is no revenue worthy of the disrespect that we saw. There is no revenue that is worthy of the damage that happened to the area."

The conversation on ending Bikefest comes after three people died in a shooting and several others were injured in separate shootings in Myrtle Beach over Memorial Day weekend, also when Atlantic Beach's Bikefest is held.