Hacked residents encouraged to hold off on credit monitoring decision

The SC Department of Revenue says residents whose tax information was compromised in the 2012 hacking of the DOR servers should wait before making a decision about the continued credit monitoring services offered by any vendor, including Experian.

"The state Budget and Control Board is in the process of reviewing bids and a formal announcement will be made next week as to which vendor was chosen to offer credit and identification protection," said Samantha Cheek, spokesperson for the SCDOR. "The vendor will work alongside the state of South Carolina to promote and educate the public on the protection service."

Cheek said the state would have a plan in place by October 24, 2013, before the free Experian service provided by the state lapsed.

"It is our goal to protect the private information of South Carolina citizens, and we want to ensure that individuals are aware of the state provided credit and identity theft protection available for a second year," DOR Director Bill Blume stated.

Individuals are still covered through Experian for one year from their date of enrollment. In addition, those citizens who choose to purchase their own protection have the ability to deduct a portion of that cost from their state income taxes.

Experian credit protection will expire for South Carolina taxpayers 12 months from their initial enrollment date.

Individuals can visit {<}{>} to stay up to date on the latest information available on credit protection for South Carolina taxpayers.

WPDE NewsChannel 15 has also set up a Frequently Asked Questions page on this subject.