Groups clean up downtown Darlington ahead of Race Week

More than 40 volunteers from different organizations met in downtown Darlington on Saturday to help clean up the town before Race Week.

The volunteers worked all morning on the Liberty Lane Walk of Fame, the Public Square, Frank & Mary Sue Wells Park and Orange Street.

They picked up trash, trimmed hedges, refreshed pine straw and pots, removed dirt and debris, washed windows and power washed the sidewalk.

"We are thankful that so many people came out to help make our community a better place," said Planning Director Lisa Chalian-Rock.

The groups that volunteered this weekend include the Kalmai Garden Study Club, the Darlington Kiwanis Club, the Darlington Fire Department, the Boy Scouts, and many more.

Event organizer and Darlington native Laura Burns said they plan to have another Community Clean Up Day in the fall before the South Carolina Sweet Potato Festival.