Group: We want trash to stay in Horry County

Some Horry county residents plan to lobby lawmakers in Columbia about the county's flow control law.

House Bill 4721 will come up before a subcommittee Wednesday. The bill aims to take down Horry County's three-year-old flow control ordinance. The law that requires all trash collected in Horry County to be taken to the county landfill.

"It's been successful. If it's not broken, why fix it?" Chuck Rhome says.

The Carolina Forest Civic Association President is among those heading to the state capitol to lobby against HB 4721.

"Wednesday, we are going to meet at the Solid Waste Authority at 4:30 a.m. for our trek to Columbia."

Rhome adds the group did the same thing last week, and that while not everyone in the group might get the chance to speak, providing a large unified front sends a message. He also asks others to participate who can't make the trip.

"Please take 15 minutes tomorrow, pick up the phone, call your state legislator, please consider voting no on both of these pieces of legislation," Rhome says.

Horry County Council passed its flow control ordinance in 2009, after the Solid Waste Authority claimed the county would lose millions of dollars from trash that was generated locally, but dumped elsewhere.

Three years later, supporters say the law generates revenue that helps pay for things like recycling programs, hazardous waste collection and even emergency phone service.

HB4121 could be ready for a final vote by early March.