Group uses video to show consequences of underage drinking

Horry CAST is using a new video campaign to show teens what will happen if they're caught drinking underage.

"Somebody may think it's just a slap on the wrist but you can lose your drivers license you can spend time in jail, it can affect your work, it can affect your scholarships," said Sgt. Jeff Benton.

Horry CAST is a group of community members including law enforcement from different agencies coming together to use a federal grant to stop underage drinking and drinking and driving.

With the video they're trying a new campaign to combat a problem that's been around for years.

"This was a video that was filmed locally, with local high school students, at a local beach house here with local law enforcement," said Benton.

CAST set up a fake party and also simulated busting it. One of the teens in the video is Sgt. Benton's daughter.

"It was a lot of fun filming the commercial, but it was scary. We got locked up in jail cells and we were in jail clothes," said Jessica Benton.

The commercial was simulated, but Jessica says that these situations happen often.

"They say there's going to be a bunch of alcohol and they come back to school they're like, ya we got so dunk and they post all these pictures. They think it's fun, but honestly, I don't think it's fun," said Jessica.

Sgt. Benton hopes his daughter's attitude and this commercial will stop more teens from drinking underage.

"I believe that this video is not only going to reflect the truth about what happens, but also the truth abut what can happen to you if you're caught," said Benton.

The commercial will begin to air this week and continue over the next few months.

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