Gripes about reality show reach Georgetown County sheriff

Complaints from people who live near the filming of a reality TV show in Murrells Inlet have reached the Georgetown County Sheriff's Office.

Neighbors say they hear loud and abusive language coming from the home and backyard where the reality show tentatively named Party Down South is being filmed.

Warren Stedman, who lives three doors down, was putting his daughter to bed Tuesday night before her first day of school, when he says the profanity got so bad, he decided to ask the cast to hold it down.

"The response from some of the cast members was not nice. One of them said why don't you go {expletive} yourself," Stedman said.

The noise continued, so Stedman called the sheriff's office. A deputy gave the show's producer a ticket for violating the county noise ordinance.

Stedman isn't the only one with complaints.

Rick and Penny Rice's vacation home, Marshmere, is within a few feet of the filming and they're not happy.

"Turned kind of a quiet neighborhood into a Hollywood set and so, how would you like it if somebody moved in next door to you and did that?" Rice said.

Rice is a retired attorney who says he can't understand why Georgetown County appears to be powerless to stop the activity that's going on in the house next door to him.

"In my view, it violates the letter and spirit of the zoning rules in this county and I don't understand why they let it go on."

Georgetown County councilman Jerry Oakley says the county couldn't get involved because the show's producers got the permit they needed to comply with zoning laws, and the county doesn't regulate filming.

But Oakley says the county is researching legal means to control future filming.

Stedman says the county needs to come up with some kind of guidelines before the show returns for a second season.

"We don't want them to come back," he said.

The Georgetown County Zoning Board of Appeals will meet September 5 to consider revoking the production company's permit.

The show's producer is scheduled to appear in court September 12.