Grieving mother seeks justice for son killed in hit-and-run crash

One year ago this week, a young Marion man was laid to rest after being killed in a hit-and-run accident.

The car that struck Ty'shawn Johnson has never been found.

Ty'shawn had plans to join the Marines and then get training to be an emergency medical technician.

Those dreams were cut short, early the morning of August 17, 2013.

That's when Ty'shawn's mother, Yvette Goodyear, was called to the hospital.

She was told her son had been in an accident.

"I got there and he was dead," Goodyear said. "And I asked what happened and all they could tell me at the time, he was involved in an accident on the bridge in Myrtle Beach."

South Carolina Highway Patrol says Ty'shawn was a passenger on a moped that was struck from behind on the US 501 bridge entering Myrtle Beach.

In the days following the crash, troopers asked drivers to be on the lookout for a white or silver Nissan Pathfinder with front end damage.

A year later, they're still searching for that car.

"I'm always calling down there, wanting to know the latest updates. Have they made any improvements? Have they made any arrests? I'm just one of those parents that's just constantly calling, calling," said Goodyear.

Since the accident happened on one of the busiest roads in Myrtle Beach, Ty'shawn's mother says someone must have seen something the night of the accident.

She hopes a witness comes come forward soon, so she can have some closure.

"I want to be able to lay down in the bed at night and sleep, without worrying about who did this to my son, why did you do this to my son?"

Goodyear says her son was living with friends in Myrtle Beach and working in landscaping when he died.

He would have turned 22 years old last Friday.

Anyone with information about the accident is asked to call Highway Patrol at *HP, or Crimestoppers, at 1-888-CRIME-SC.