North Carolina woman found dead in car leaves behind 6 children, legacy of laughter

North Carolina woman found dead in car leaves behind 6 children, legacy of laughter (Photo provided by Christa Jones)

Neighbors and family members of the woman found dead in her car in Green Sea around 12:30 a.m. Tuesday, woke up to another immediate concern--the future of the woman's six children.

Latosha Nicole Lewis, 31, of Tabor City was discovered in her Honda Accord at the corner of Church Road and Carolina Road with her baby in the backseat.

According to the police report she had been shot.

Her family members and friends remember her as the life of the party.

"I remember Tosha as she was growing up. She was always the loudest of the kids on the street. She kept the commotion going, she kept jokes going," said Sharon Jones, one of Lewis' family members.

Jones is now caring for one of Lewis's young sons. The other five were taken in by some of her neighbors, depending on who they're related to.

All of those who care for the children say they will continue to raise them and honor Lewis' legacy.

"Tosha was the best mother that a child could have asked for. Tosha was the type of person that she didn't go out and ask anything for her children. She always tried to work out the situation for herself," Jones said.

Residents of Queen Street, where Lewis grew up, say she just started a new job and bought the Honda Accord to celebrate.

None of them could imagine why someone would want to see Lewis harmed, or knew why she was in Green Sea at such a late hour.

Everyone is hoping justice will be served- and questions answered- quickly.

"I hope her family can get the answers to all of this, yeah I hope that justice is found for her," said Leesheaus Bryant, a family friend.

When asked what she wanted everyone to remember Lewis by, Jones didn't hesitate.

"Tosha was love. Wherever she went, Tosha brought love. Whenever you saw her, she showed love to people, and we're gonna miss her," she said.

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