GREAT VIDEO: Cars drive through flooded streets

Brittany Drive near Cashua Drive flooded in Florence

A flash flood warning issued by the National Weather Service for parts of Florence and Darlington counties expired around 3 p.m., but not before dumping as much as 3-5 inches in just 3-4 hours.

The video attached to this story was shot in several locations in Florence.

The video of the cars driving through the water was shot on Brittany Drive in Florence. The water is about three to four feet deep, but that didn't stop an SUV and a sedan from driving through.

Over on South Floyd Circle, one car wasn't as lucky. It stalled out.

Remember: If roads are flooded, do not attempt to drive through Flood waters are often deeper than they appear.

Flooding may not seem quite as violent as tornadoes or hurricanes, but it can still be deadly.

Every year, more deaths occur from flooding than any other severe weather event.


early half of those deaths are people who drown after driving their vehicles into flood water.


t only takes two feet of water to move most vehicles.


he second highest cause of death in floods is people who drown while walking through flood water. Six inches of moving water is all it takes to knock you off your feet.


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urn around, don't drown