Grave theft, a woman's plea.

One Aynor woman's pain from losing a loved one hasn't stopped at the grave as she continues to try and find a wreath that was stolen from her late mother's grave at the Rehobeth Baptist Church's cemetery.

Annette Davis laid her mom to rest in late July, and less than two weeks later, Davis said the wreath was stolen.

"I came out to take the dead flowers off of Momma's grave and clean the grave up and that's when I noticed my wreath was gone," Davis said on Tuesday as she straightened out the flowers that now line her grave on Tuesday.

One of Davis' hobbies is making wreaths, and she told us the one stolen was a favorite of her moms when she was alive.

After her mom died, Davis took her mom's favorite wreath and put a special butterfly nightlight, because her mother didn't like the dark.

Davis looked to social media to find the stolen wreath, and from the responses from others, she found out she wasn't the only one who has had things stolen from a loved-ones grave.

"I posted a comment on Facebook about the wreath being gone. I got several replies throughout my friends list that says we can't put anything on our father's grave because it gets gone also. It's happening a lot," Davis said.

As of now, Davis has no leads but is still hopeful she will locate the wreath.

Davis also said she doesn't care who took the wreath or why, she just wants it to be returned.