Grand Strand soccer team in the limelight

The soccer madness across the nation continues as the United States beat Ghana Monday night, 2 to 1.

The sport has the world watching. And in Myrtle Beach, one Grand Strand soccer team hopes they can do the same.

"Obviously with the World Cup and the coverage that's great for soccer and the community of soccer. So just raising awareness about it. Having the World Cup and these big events, it's definitely growing in the right direction," said Jack Vundum head coach of the Myrtle Beach Mutiny.

The Mutiny team is hoping with all the fans around the world, they can fill their stands here in Myrtle Beach.

"I think there's nothing that beats a live sport, especially here when it's cheap to come down, it's a family night out. You get to meet the players after, get things signed, so the kids love it as well," said Duncan Foster, midfielder for the Mutiny.

The Mutiny players compare themselves to the World Cup, as they represent nations from around the world. Their team has diversity, but their hearts are all in the same game.

"I grew up playing soccer with my dad out on the front lawn. I just grew up loving the game. It's really the only sport I've ever played. It's just been something I always grew up with and something I've always loved," said Hart Zwing, a Mutiny defensive player.

"Its been my life since I was 3 or 4," said Foster. "I grew up with a ball at my foot, dribbling around the house."

In the U.S. soccer may be considered an up and coming sport, but right now it's what the world is talking all about.

"Just on Twitter last night and on Facebook, my whole news feed was all about U.S. Soccer, about how they won and about the World Cup. I think a lot more people are following it nowadays which is really exciting," said Zwing.